Program Objectives

  • Over each 5-year period, UMMC interns will achieve 80 percent or better “first time” pass rate on the RD registration examination.

  • Over each 5-year period, 95 percent of interns enrolled in the UMMC Dietetic Internship will complete the program.

  • Over each 5-year period, 70 percent of interns within three months of beginning a job search, will obtain employment related to their profession.

  • Interns will perform better than the national average on the RD registration examination 85 percent of the time.

  • 90 percent of graduates will report being adequately prepared for entry level positions on completion of the program and one year post graduation

  • UMMC Dietetic Interns will graduate with an 85 percent competent performance rating as indicated on the Clinical Skills Competency Evaluation form for the final half of their clinical rotations.

  • Note:
    Program outcomes data is available upon request.