Heart Transplant Recipient Michael Yater Makes Pitch for Organ Donation


In February of 2010, Michael Yater underwent heart transplant surgery at the University of Maryland Medical Center. The donated heart came from David DeSabla, 29, who died in a skiing accident. On April 7, 2011, Yater threw out the first pitch at that night's Baltimore Orioles game with David's mom Diane DeHaven at his side as part of a Donate Life month celebration.

Yater and DeSabla talk about the importance of organ donation, the impact this has had on their lives and how their families have formed a close bond through this life-changing experience. Yater was just two weeks away from receiving a mechanical heart when notified that a donor heart was available. Dr. Erika Feller, Yater's cardiologist at UMMC, says Yater's new heart is working well and that he's had few complications from DeSabla's heart.

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