• Dr. Raymond Cross

    The IBD Patient Experience

    In this video, Raymond Cross, MD, Director of the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Program, answers the following questions: What can you do to improve your health? What should patients expect from treatment? How does research affect treatment? and What sets UMMC apart from other IBD programs?

  • Dr. Sandra Quezada

    Nutrition and IBD

    In this video, Dr. Sandra Quezada answers questions about nutrition and IBD, including: Did diet cause my IBD? Should I look at changing the foods I eat? and How do I make sure I get all of the vitamins and minerals I need?

  • Dr. Leyla Ghazi

    General Questions about IBD

    In this video, Dr. Leyla Ghazi answers general questions about IBD, including: What is IBD and can it be cured? What causes IBD? and Who is most at risk?

  • Dr. Seema Patil

    IBD and Women's Health

    In this 5-minute video, Dr. Seema Patil discusses IBD and Women's Health, answering the following questions: Why are women’s menstrual cycles irregular when they have IBD? How will IBD impact my ability to become pregnant? Can people continue taking their medications through pregnancy? If I have IBD will my child have IBD? and Does IBD put me at a higher risk for osteoporosis/fractures?

  • Dr. Mark Flasar

    Medical/Surgical Treatments for IBD

    In this 5-minute video, Dr. Mark Flasar answers questions related to medical and surgical treatments for IBD, including: Is medicine the best way to treat IBD? Will surgery cure IBD? and When should you consider surgery?

  • IBD Infusion Center

    IBD Infusion Center

    Dora Frank, C.N.R.P., Clinical Coordinator for the Infusion Program in the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, provides an overview of the infusion services offered to patients at the University of Maryland Medical Center.

  • Tele IBD Study

    TELE IBD Study

    Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) specialists at the University of Maryland School of Medicine are recruiting patients for a study to determine whether a smartphone-based telemedicine system decreases disease activity and improves quality of life. 

  • Treatments for Women with IBD

    Treatments for Women with IBD

    Interview with Dr. Leyla Ghazi.

  • Patient Success Story- Crohns Disease

    Patient Success Story - Crohns Disease

    Crohn's disease patient success story.

  • Ulcerative Colitis Patient Success Story - Bill Barth

    Patient Success Story - Ulcerative Colitis

    Ulcerative colitis patient Bill Barth shares his story about the care he received at UMMC.

  • Dr. Eric Goldberg Pancreatitis

    Your Health: Pancreatitis

    University of Maryland gastroenterologist Dr. Eric Goldberg describes what happens when the pancreas becomes inflamed – a condition called pancreatitis – and explains the differences between acute and chronic forms of the disease.

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