Open Airways- An Asthma Control Video for Parents


In this eight-minute video "Opening Airways: An Asthma Control Video for Parents," Lisa DiStefano, MSN, C.P.N.P., a nurse practitioner for the University of Maryland Hospital for Children's Breathmobile program presents an overview of asthma, including its symptoms and available treatment options in an effort to educate parents about this respiratory condition.

Several parents of Breathmobile patients also appear in the video to talk about their experiences raising children who have been diagnosed with asthma. The parents share their stories about how they were able to finally control their children's asthma and provide tips for other parents about how they might help their own asthmatic children. All of the parents who appear in the video stress the importance of parents recognizing their children's asthma symptoms immediately in order to provide them with the proper care and ensure they are able to lead happy and healthy lives.

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