2012 Maryland Half Marathon


More than 1,700 people participated in the 4th annual Maryland Half Marathon to benefit the University of Maryland Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum Cancer Center held Sunday, May 6, 2012, in the Maple Lawn community of Howard County, Md. The race has raised a total of $1 million since its inception in 2009 by co-founders Michael Greenebaum and Jon Sevel. This was the second year the course was located in Maple Lawn after two years in Timonium in Baltimore County.

The top finisher in this year's Maryland Half Marathon was John Ealy, 26, who ran the race in 1: 17:35. The first female runner across the finish line this year was Unsong Ostrowski, 33, of Laurel, Md., who ran the race in 1:27:36.

This yea's special guest was Dozer the Dog, a goldendoodle who ran eight miles of the 2011 race after slipping out of his yard in Fulton to join the runners going by his house. The dog became an instant celebrity after a video of him crossing the finish line was posted on YouTube. Race organizers created a Dozer fundraising page, which garnered more than $25,000 in donations for cancer research. Dozer also has more than 16,000 fans on Facebook. A look-alike stuffed animal and a autographed┬Ł photo of Dozer with his finisher's medal has been made available as a thank-you gift to anyone who donates $50 or more to support the cause.

The last eight miles of the race was also named Dozer's Dash in honor of the K-9 fundraiser. The top male and female finishers in the half marathon, Ealy and Ostrowski, had the best times for this leg of the race as well and were named "Top Dogs."

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