High Blood Pressure 2 of 2


Millions of Americans have hypertension, putting them at increased risk for serious medical conditions such as heart attack and stroke. However, there are many ways to lower the risk. In this program, you will learn from an expert about treating and preventing high blood pressure.

Part two of this two-part program addresses the following topics:

  • Risks of untreated hypertension
  • Stroke
  • Hypertension and heart attack
  • Hypertension and vision loss
  • Hypertension and kidney failure
  • Treatment for hypertension
  • Lifestyle modifications
  • Salt reduction
  • Exercise and high blood pressure
  • Smoking and high blood pressure
  • Stress and high blood pressure
  • Reading food labels
  • High blood pressure medications
  • Ace inhibitors
  • Angiotensin receptors

Dr. Wallace Johnson, a specialist in hypertension at the University of Maryland Medical Center. Dr. Johnson is also an assistant professor of medicine at the University Of Maryland School Of Medicine.

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