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A growing list of partners who are building the future vision for the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center - your support allows us sustain our mission providing unparalleled life-saving care.

THANK YOU to all of our valued and valuable LIFE PARTNERS!


The Living Legacy Foundation
In Honor of Organ and Tissue Donors and their Families

  • Edward and Cheryl Adkins
  • James Ambrosius
    In Honor of Carolyn Ambrosius
  • Phyllis and Leonard Attman and Family
    Shellye J. Gilden, Jeffrey M. Attman, Wende J. Levitas
  • Joshuha Ayres
  • Dr. Frank Barnes, Jr. & Dr. Tanya Carter and Family
  • Mr. and Mrs. William E. Bates
  • Paula F. Bell
  • Robert and Kimberly Bennett
  • The Boragno Family
  • Richard Boulden, Sr.
  • Cheri Carver RN
  • Nancy Cohen
  • Jeffrey Davis
  • Joseph DeMattos
  • Karen Doyle
  • H. Kirk Fallin
  • Lacy Flynn
    In Honor of Dr. Séamus Flynn and Dr. Thomas Scalea
  • Jan L. Francis, RN
  • Linda George
  • Ethan Giffin
    In Memory of Ralph Giffin
  • Julia Gilroy
  • Cynthia Greene-Graham
  • Joann Gruebl
    In Honor of Catherine and Joseph Gruebl
  • Richard M. Haas
  • David and Michelle Hammer
    In Honor of all Trauma Victims
  • Christopher T. Hardesty
  • Danette Hare
  • Jeffrey Hennemuth
  • The Herget Foundation
  • Michael Hudson and Allison Boyle
  • Steve, Marianne, Ryan, Colby and Taylor Braun
  • Carolyn L. Johnson
    Carolyn Wilma Lee
  • Stephanie Jordan
  • Derek Kolokythas
  • Joseph Larivey
    In Honor of John and Susan Larivey
  • Mia Resurreccion McDonald
    Borrowed Life (Founder), Honoring God
  • Cheryl D. McFadden
    In Honor of Malcolm Yates McFadden
  • Jennifer Milesky
  • Dennis and JoAnn Mitchell
    In Honor of our Family and Friends
  • In Honor of Evan E. (Mort) Mortimer, MD
  • Rosemary E. S. Mortimer, RN
  • Fady Nasrallah, MD, FACS
  • Joseph M. Niland
    In the Honor of Mark and Erica Paige
  • Pamela Polk
    In Honor of Kenneth Jackson Polk
  • The Poole and Kent Corporation
  • Joe and Dana Rampolla
    In Recognition of Vincent Rampolla's Fortitude
  • The Family of Justin Reed
  • Danielle, Jessica, and Amanda Rein
  • Dora and Larry Russell and Family
  • Bill Schepleng, from Pal
  • Paul Schwartz and Family
  • Eric and Maria Shaffer
  • Rick and MaryAnn Shanas
  • David Skarupa
  • Jim and Sandy Smith
  • Mr. and Mrs. Adam E. Snavely
  • Richard and Barbara Snyder
    In tribute to our friend George Doetsch
  • The Stamp Children and Grandchildren
    In Honor of Ralph Marbury Stamp Jr.
  • Barbara Garrison-Stegall
  • Ashley Weaver
  • Mike and Jen Weissmueller
  • Charles E. Wiles, MD
  • Donna Witters Banks
    In Memory of Paul Witters
  • Terry Wotring
    In Honor of Team C Doctors
  • Larry Yeaton

To make a donation, please call 410-328-8437 or visit our secure LIFE PARTNERS online giving page.

This page was last updated: July 3, 2014

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