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Please Help Us With Your Lifesaving Gift

The R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center was built to accommodate 3,500 patients a year. Last year, 8,500 people arrived at our door in need of life-saving care, 97 percent of whom survived. We desperately need new space, and your contribution significantly impacts our ability to expand and sustain our mission.

Injury is a disease that has no age, gender, social, economic or racial boundaries, and one that is immune to the economy. These are people who get up each day, leave their home for work or school and end up at Shock Trauma.

Below is more information on two ways to help Shock Trauma:

1. Become our...LIFE PARTNER

Photo of a EMT talking to a woman

For as little as $20 a month, or 66 cents a day, you will be a Shock Trauma Life Partner, helping us sustain unparalleled, lifesaving care to the

You will be honored and recognized on our website and your name will be prominently displayed in our new Shock Trauma Critical Care Tower, which will open in 2013. most critically injured people of Maryland.

Most importantly, though, your contribution helps us to provide the care we're known for around the world to more critically sick and severely injured people than ever.

2. Shock Trauma Critical Care Tower -- We Need Your Help!

Photo of the new Shock Trauma Critical Care Tower

In 1989 Shock Trauma cared for 2,500 people. Last year we cared for 8,500, and the demand for critical care services is growing exponentially. Our new Shock Trauma Critical Care Tower, scheduled to open in 2013, will allow us to expand our patient capacity, and mission, to more people of Maryland who need the lifesaving care we provide every day.

The new building will be used for state-of-the-art trauma care, teaching and research. Shock Trauma is a gift from the people of Maryland to the people of Maryland, and we need your help.

To make a donation, please call 410-328-8437 or visit our secure LIFE PARTNERS online giving page.

This page was last updated: November 7, 2013

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