Health Professionals

Specialized Services

  • Comprehensive management of diabetes and its complications using a multidisciplinary team approach
  • Diagnosis and treatment of hormonal disorders, including hypo- and hyperthyroidism, thyroid nodules and cancer, osteoporosis and other bone disorders 
  •  Diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis 
  • Coordination with Nuclear Medicine, Neurosurgery, Transplant Surgery and Endocrine Surgery for specialized diagnostic and therapeutic interventions for hormonal disorders 

    Services to Physicians

    • Educational programs (CME)
    • Consultation for diabetes education and dietary management
    • Consultation on complicated cases of diabetes and other endocrine diseases
    • Second opinions
    • Evaluation of patient conditions
    • Special diagnostic (provocative testing of hormone axes; ultrasound-guided thyroid aspirations, bone densitometry)
    • Evaluation for endocrine surgery and/or radiation and gamma knife therapy, and dosimetry and radioiodine therapy
    • Short-term and long-term patient management


    • Genetic screening for monogenic forms of diabetes
    • New understandings for the genetic basis of Type 2 diabetes and obesity, and the development of new therapeutic and prevention strategies
    • Preclinical gene therapy approaches for diabetes
    • Studies to determine why some people respond to certain diabetes drugs while others do not (pharmacogenomics)
    • Clinical trials of new therapeutic agents for the treatment of diabetes and obesity
    • Genetics of hypertension and lipid disorders
    • Molecular and cellular studies of the regulation of lipid metabolism, lipid storage and utilization and the effects to human diseases, such as obesity and diabetes.
    • Identification of genes contributing to developmental defects in organ systems – such as pancreas and hypothalamus - that might underlie obesity and diabetes
    • Studies of drugs to treat Cushings Disease
    • Genetics of osteoporosis 

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