Community Psychiatry

For most patients with mental disorders, wellness and recovery can be attained through a course of traditional treatment. But for some patients, disabilities or life situations, such as homelessness, poverty or drug addiction, can make traditional treatment difficult.

This is the type of challenge that makes the work of the professionals in Community Psychiatry so interesting, and so rewarding. We work with one of the most vulnerable patient populations, those whose homelessness, poverty or drug addiction keeps them from benefiting from traditional care. There are no quick fixes here. But our professionals have the patience, skill and understanding to help their patients' lives improve slowly and incrementally, but significantly.

Our programs include:

University of Maryland Walter P. Carter Clinics (WPCC) - Multidisciplinary mental health teams that provide services to children, adolescents and adults.

Programs in Assertive Community Treatment (PACT) - An interdisciplinary mobile outreach treatment team that provides direct clinical case management to their patients, including assistance with housing, entitlements and medical appointments, as well as family support.

Adult Community Support and Entitlement Services (ACSES) Program - Comprised of the Community Support Program (CSP) and the SSI Outreach Project, ACSES assists individuals with mental illness in navigating the social services and other community systems, and in accessing community resources.

Safe Haven Shelter - A city-wide 20-bed shelter for individuals with a history of homelessness and mental illness who are unable to reside in traditional shelters.

Harbor City Unlimited (HCU) - A non-medical psychiatric rehabilitation and residential rehabilitation program for persons with severe mental illness that includes Psychiatric and Residential Rehabilitation Programs and a Supported Employment Program.

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