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Helping Haiti | Helping Earthquake Survivors in China

The University of Maryland Medical Center, with its Shock Trauma Center, is known world-wide as the premier resource for trauma care. It provides care and resources throughout Maryland and beyond. We felt compelled to share this expertise to help the survivors of Haiti's horrific earthquake. The people of Haiti had no way to recover on their own and we had the expertise and capacity to help neighbors that are even closer to Baltimore than Denver, Colorado. Providing expert care for the most severe and complex traumatic injury and illness resulting from this disaster also helped us improve care for the citizens of Maryland, including preparing for future mass casualty disasters at home.

Our Partners

Our partners in this endeavor, the University of Maryland School of Medicine and its Institute of Human Virology, have run an established HIV/AIDS program in Haiti along with Catholic Relief Services, for many years. The staff of both institutions are intimately familiar with the people and agencies in Haiti. Their clinic was located in the largest hospital in Port-au-Prince, which was 70 percent destroyed by the earthquake. Our teams worked in what remained of that hospital, the St. Francois de Sales Hospital, along with Haitian doctors and nurses who survived the disaster.

By the Numbers

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Below are some interesting facts about our Haiti relief efforts:

21 - The number of medical teams we sent to Haiti.

97 - Age of possibly the oldest Haitian patient we treated.

261 - The number of health care providers we sent to Haiti.

600 - The number of surgeries our medical teams performed in Haiti.

6,000 - The number of patients we treated in Haiti.

12,000 - The weight of medications and other supplies UMMC shipped to Haiti with our first medical team to arrive there.

Our Stories

Photo of Mimose and her mother

While there are many stories to tell, one story brings a global crisis close to home. Mimose Dazouloute-Geffrard's story, of Clarksville, Maryland, shows how our global commitment to caring helped save her mother in Haiti. When Mimose headed to Haiti to help her mother with a severe foot infection, she could not find a hospital or clinic to care for her mother. Overworked and crowded centers turned them away. Then, her husband back home in Maryland called to tell her that doctors from UMMC were at the St. Francois de Sales Hospital. Mimose got her mother to the hospital where our team cared for her. Although she had to have her leg removed, two weeks following surgery, Anna Pierre, Mimose's 97-year-old mother, is doing well.

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