Our Future Workforce

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Our Future Workforce Program introduces youth to occupations in health care through internships, seminars, hospital tours and much more. These youth-focused programs play a pivotal role in supporting the surrounding community.

  • BACH studentsBaltimore Alliance for Careers in Healthcare (BACH) Fellows provides rising high school seniors a six-week career-building workshop and paid work experience in a hospital setting. The initiative is designed to help allied health students focus their careers and plan a path to college or the workplace. UMMC strongly supports the effort of improving the pipeline from high school to health care jobs.
  • Healthcare Careers Alliance is a partnership between Civic Works and UMMC, which provides work readiness skills training, job training via internships and career coaching. Upon successful completion of the internship, youth are place into entry-level positions allowing them to pursue their career goals while helping UMMC address workforce shortages. This program has truly been a win-win for the Medical Center, as well as program participants. 
  • YouthWorks/Hire One Youth is a summer jobs program sponsored by the Mayor's office for Baltimore City Youth. The pgoram provides a 6-week internship for youth 14-21 years of age. The YouthWorks slogan "Summer Jobs Launch Careers" describes the lasting effect that a productive summer job can have on a young person. Through targeted matching of jobs to older teens' career interests and an emphasis on effective work behaviors and financial literacy for all participants, YouthWorks helps prepare our future workforce for successful careers.

To learn more about the above programs, contact Maxine Rush at 410-328-2600 or maxinerush@umm.edu.

  • Project Search is a one-year academic and internship program for Baltimore City high school seniors with disabilities. It is designed to help students obtain a competitive paying job in the workforce. The program takes place entirely in the hospital, where total immersion in the workplace facilitates teaching, learning, continuous feedback and application of new skills. In the on-site classroom component, students are instructed in work readiness skills, workforce civility and independent living skills.
  • Start on Success (SOS) is a program that provides educational and employment services to students with disabilities. SOS assists inner-city youth in achieving their career goals and becoming independent and productive members of our community/ Students participate in paid internships, followed by job placement and support services. The SOS program has an outstanding success rate of preparing youth with disabilities for post-secondary education and/or competitive employment.

To learn more about the above programs, contact Jo-Ann Williams at 410-328-5231 or jwilliams@umm.edu.

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