Community Recruiting

Photo of Naasira Gaskin, Charles Perry, and Kristen White
Naasira Gaskin, Charles Perry, and Kristen White

University of Maryland Medical Center is committed to creating a culture of customer service excellence. With that in mind, the Medical Center partnered with community-based organizations to develop a new pool of potential customer-oriented employees for environmental and food services jobs within the Medical Center. To ensure that candidates are ready for employment, community organizations provide prescreenings as well as work readiness and customer service training designed to remove employment barriers.

UMMC sees this as an opportunity to partner””to not only meet our needs in the Medical Center, but also to address the needs of the community by hiring people who live in the local area. We work with various community-based organizations and government agencies to identify candidates for these job opportunities. They know who is unemployed and prepared and have a pipeline of individuals who are ready for employment.

Our organizational partners and the Medical Center are excited about this joint economic venture, because their focus is the same as ours””to make this work for everyone. To date, over 200 candidates from the community have been hired. While this is one example, the Medical Center continuously looks for opportunities to develop new employees in the community for a variety of positions.

This page was last updated: February 26, 2013

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