Making a Difference

Through key programs and services, the University of Maryland Medical Center is providing important resources to encourage health and healing among members of the community. 

See how UMMC is making a difference:

  • Locally - Description of programs that are empowering the community by providing jobs and career training.

  • Teaching - Overview of the teaching initiatives UMMC supports to educate Baltimore's youth about avoiding health problems and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

  • Caring - Explanation of UMMC's efforts to support Baltimore City residents through the Harbor City Unlimited Residential Rehabilitation Program.

  • Healing - Overview of the Baltimore City Cancer Program and Roberta's House, programs that offer support to further the healing process.

  • Every Day - A list the many programs that work every day to strengthen the community.

See a full list of Programs & Services UMMC offers to engage and empower communities in Baltimore and beyond.

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