Why UMMC Employees Give

UMMC Employees on Giving Blood

Read what motivates some UMMC employees to give blood, and see their advice to those who haven't yet donated.

Photo of Susan Mendley

Susan Mendley, M.D.
Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine, and
Division Chief for Pediatric Nephrology

"I'm usually in clinic when they have blood drives. I feel bad when I miss them. But today, I was able to come." She recommends scheduling an appointment, although staff can also arrive to donate without an appointment. "When you make an appointment, then you get priority and they get you in pretty quickly."

Photo of Joanne Riley

Joanne Riley
Vice President, Ambulatory Services

"I know that some people are afraid to give blood, but to them I say, 'Try it once and see for yourself.' Giving blood is not much different from having a flu shot, it doesn't take very long, and most importantly, it helps people in need."

Photo of Shawn Trautman

Shawn Trautman, BSN, RN, CCRN
Nurse, Perioperative Services and Critical Care Transport,
member of the Rapid Response Team

"I saw the flyer and said to myself, 'I haven't given blood in a while.' I was a trauma nurse on the Neurotrauma Critical Care Unit, so I've administered a lot of blood to patients. I have first-hand experience about the need for people to donate."

Photo of Mike Wertz

Mike Wertz
Payer Relations & Contracting

"Giving blood is one of the few easy things you can do to give back to the community. I have an uncle who received a lifetime achievement award from the Red Cross for the amount of blood he donated, so I'm trying to keep up the family tradition."

Photo of Sherman Woods

Sherman Woods
PC Maintenance Technician,
Information Services and Technology,
University of Maryland Medical System

"To love God is to care for one another and help when we can.”

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